What size moving truck do you need?

If you are doing your move yourself, then you will need to make sure you get the right size moving truck. The last thing you want is to get a too-small moving truck only to discover you can’t fit everything inside of it. An extra trip across town with the moving truck is going to add a lot more time and work to the move!

Even if you are hiring professional movers, it is still a good idea to know what size moving truck you need. Some moving companies only have one size moving truck which they use for all moves. If they are loading your belongings onto a too-large moving truck, you are probably going to be paying more for the move than necessary because of the additional fuel costs.

Standard moving truck sizes
• 10 foot: Studio apartments
• 12 foot: For 1-2 rooms
• 16 foot: For 2-3 rooms
• 22 foot: For 3-5 rooms
• 24 foot: For 5-7 rooms
• 26 foot: For 7+ rooms

Don’t forget your basement, garage, and outdoor spaces
Have a home gym in your basement, a Jacuzzi tub outside, or a big mower and tools in your garage? You will need to calculate these into the moving truck size. In this case, you might want to pack everything up and then measure the cubic feet of space they take up.

Can you take your furniture apart?
When calculating the size of moving truck you need by room, it is assumed that you will take apart your major furniture like beds. This is a very important step! If you have a lot of large furniture which cannot be taken apart, then you will need to get a significantly larger moving truck.

Load big to small
The way you load the moving truck will make a big difference to how much stuff you can fit in it. Always start by loading up the big items first, like major furniture. Then you can get boxes stacked in around them. Remember to secure all large furniture in place with straps!