Tips for packing your jewelry for a move

You know how your jewelry can sometimes end up tangled in your jewelry box? Well, imagine how tangled it could get during a move when your jewelry box is being tossed this way and that! Because jewelry is often valuable (both monetarily and sentimentally), it is important that you follow these jewelry packing tips for your next move.

Take inventory of valuable items first!
Before you pack any valuable items like jewelry, always take inventory of them for insurance purposes. You will want to gather any receipts you have for the items and take photographs. Put the inventory in a safe place. Do not put the inventory in the moving truck – it should be kept with you.

Always transport valuables yourself
Moving companies offer insurance on your belongings, but most provide coverage based on the weight of your belongings – such as $1.50 coverage for each pound. Jewelry doesn’t weigh much but can be very valuable, so obviously this coverage isn’t in your favor. Even if you purchase additional coverage based on valuation, you still probably won’t be covered for the full value. For this reason, you should always transport all valuable items yourself.

Use press’n seal
Glad makes a product called Press’n Seal. It looks like plastic wrap, but seals tight against most surfaces. Just tear off a piece of Press’n Seal and put it over the contents of your jewelry box. It will hold everything in place so it doesn’t move around!

Use ice cube trays or pill boxes for small items
If you have a lot of small items like earrings, you can put them into ice cube trays. Then use the Press’n Seal wrap to keep them in place. Alternatively, you can use pill boxes.

Thread necklaces through straws
To prevent necklaces from tangling, thread them throw drinking straws.

Wrap pieces in tissue paper
Wrap pieces individually in tissue paper. For necklaces and bracelets which could tangle, lay them out straight and roll them up in the tissue paper. Then put the pieces into individual plastic bags.