Solutions for packing breakable items for a move

Stemware, vases, mirrors, LCD TVs, lamps. These are just a few of the breakable items that are going to have to get packed during your next move. Don’t worry – it is possible to move breakable items safely. Here are some solutions on how to get them packed without hassle.

Is there a specialty box for it?
Before you start wrapping everything in 20 miles of bubble wrap, find out if there is a specialty box you can get for the breakable item. For example, you can find specialty boxes for packing stemware, dishes, mirrors, flat screen TVs, and much more. These boxes are reinforced and have compartments for keeping everything safe.

Have it custom crated
For very valuable breakable items, it is worth it to have a custom crate made for the item. Your moving company may even be able to arrange this for you.

The sturdiness of the box matters!
No matter how much bubble wrap you use, it probably isn’t going to protect your fragile items if the box breaks open! Invest in a few reinforced boxes to hold your fragile items. Then you don’t have to worry about the bottoms bursting open or them getting crushed in the moving truck.

Know how to pack
Packing requires some tact so all your belongings don’t get squished. For fragile items, remember that you should always line the bottom and sides of the box (a folded towel will do the trick) before putting items inside. Line the top of the box with some cushioning too before closing it. Boxes should always be filled to the top so they don’t get squished on the moving truck. Don’t forget to label your boxes on ALL SIDES and the top as Fragile.

Just have the movers pack for you
Don’t want to worry about gathering specialty boxes and packing material? Have the professionals do it for you! Most moving companies offer packing services. You can even choose to pack most of your belongings yourself and just leave the difficult and fragile items for the movers.