Signs you choose the wrong real estate agent

You’ve just made the decision to move. Now you’ve got to find a real estate agent to sell your old home and help you find a new home. Even though most families will put a lot of thought into moving, they often don’t put much thought into the process of picking a real estate agent. This can end up costing you drastically. Here are some of the telltale signs you’ve chosen the wrong real estate agent.

The real estate agent is a family member or friend
Family and friends are great for getting recommendations for real estate agents, but they usually are terrible choices for your real estate agent. You should look for real estate agents with actual experience in your neighborhood and price range.

You’ve visited a dozen properties and none fit your requirements
Good real estate agents will take the time to listen to your needs and wants instead of dragging you to every single property they have listed in hopes that maybe you will change your mind about what you said you want.

They know nothing about the neighborhood
Go ahead and give the real estate agent a mini quiz about the neighborhood. The agent better know stats like the crime rate, school districts, and top employers. In fact, you shouldn’t even have to ask these questions. A good realtor will tell you before you ask.

You have gotten used to the agent being late all the time
Lateness is a sign that the real estate agent isn’t well organized or prepared. For house hunting, these are definitely qualities you want! Your real estate agent could be missing great opportunities of the disorganization, and you certainly don’t want to lose a bid because your real estate agent got there too late.

It takes 2 days to get a response
In the age of smart phones, email, Facebook, and the zillions of other digital communication tools that we have, there is no reason it should take more than a day for the real estate agent to get back to you. A good real estate agent will be clear about how and when communication will take place and always get back to you in a quick, timely manner.