Privacy Policy – The Right Move

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Privacy Policy – The Right Move

The Right Move strictly protects private information submitted by persons submitting information via form or email. In addition, we do not publish or distribute in any fashion any data to third parties regarding IP address, emails, phone numbers, names, or other information entrusted to us by any user.

For the purposes of monitoring form fill abuse or virus attacks, we may use your Internet address (IP address) to monitor usage of the site, but we will not assign any personal data to that IP address.

While we are interested in tracking the general behavior of visitors to our site, we are not interested in the behavior profile of specific users. We do not use cookies to track user behavior and we will sell your information to any third parties.

Thank you for The Right Move. We can be reached at 713-338-2058 for any concerns, questions, or suggestions you may have with regard to our privacy policy.

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