Packing and Unpacking

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Packing and Unpacking

We understand that packing and unpacking is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of moving. To make your move as easy as possible, The Right Move offers comprehensive packing and unpacking services. Our services are flexible and tailored to your exact needs. We can pack up just a few items for you or take care of everything – it is entirely up to you! When you choose us for packing and unpacking services, you can rest at ease knowing that your items will arrive undamaged and are covered for their full value.

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Our Difference
• Full, Partial, and Specialty Packing Services: We understand that our customers have their own unique needs when it comes to packing services. That is why we offer flexible services which are tailored to your needs. You can choose to have us pack up everything (full), to pack up just some remaining items or even a single room (partial), or specialty items like grandfather clocks (specialty).
• Trained, Experienced Packers: Our packing services aren’t done by unskilled day laborers! All members of our packing/unpacking team have been highly trained. With years of experience with packing, they not only know how to keep your items safe, but also get the job done faster – saving you money.
• Clean, Sturdy Packing Supplies: We provide all of the packing supplies needed for your move, including boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, and labels. You can choose between brand new boxes or gently-used boxes which are in good condition. We can even buy the packing supplies back from you after unpacking is complete.
• Full Value Insurance: No moving company will offer insurance on the full value of your belongings if they did not pack the items themselves. When you use our packing services, your items can be insured for their full value. This is for extra peace of mind – our packers are so skilled that your items will be safe!

What You Need to Know About Packing/Unpacking Services
Packing and unpacking services are generally based on an hourly rate, plus the costs of material (usually priced per item). The hourly rate for packing services can vary drastically between two companies. It is important that you don’t base your decision solely on the hourly rate. A skilled, experienced team of packers will cost more – but they will be able to get your home packed much faster, thus saving you money.

To help you budget for packing services, you will need to get a free estimate. This is usually obtained at the same time you get your free moving estimate. Remember that moving estimates should always be given in home and NOT over the phone or online. Moving agents need to see how many belongings, and the type of belongings (such as pianos, antiques, etc.) in order to give accurate moving estimates. The estimate for packing services should be given separately from the moving estimate. It should include the hourly rate, the number of packers, and the estimated amount of time it will take to pack, as well as the estimated number of boxes and cost per box.

With true professional packing services, the packers will be able to assist with a variety of services related to packing and unpacking, and not just boxing up items. Some of these specialty packing services include:

• Item inventory: The Right Move of Houston uses software for inventorying items so the process is fast and accurate.
• Specialty item packing: Some items like motorcycles, flat screen TVs, antiques and breakables require special care to be packed and moved. Our professional packers know how to pack these items so they stay safe.
• Crating: We can have custom crates made for specialty items so they are not damaged during the move.
• Floor plan design: This service is especially popular with our commercial customers. We can help you maximize your floor space and have all items set up for you when you move in.
• Unwanted item removal: Don’t stress about how you will get rid of unwanted items. We take unwanted items for donation, recycling, or disposal.
• Cleaning services: Make sure you get your deposit back by leaving your old home clean. After packing and loading your belongings, we can have a team clean your old place.
• Furniture disassembly: Some large items like beds, bookshelves, and sofas may need to be disassembled so they can be moved safely. We can do this in advance or on moving day.
• Appliance disconnect and reconnect: Our packing team and movers are trained to disconnect and reconnect most major appliances. There are some limitations to this service which our agents will inform you about during your free estimate.

Items We Can’t Pack
Some items cannot be safely transported on the moving van. This includes perishable items, plants (though there are some exceptions), flammables, firearms, explosives, and numerous other items. Our professional packers can set these items aside for you to pack and transport yourself, or we can help you safely and legally dispose of them before moving day.

How to Get Started with Moving Packing Services
If you are interested in packing/unpacking services for your move, then you will need to ask about these services during your moving estimate. Remember that all moving estimates should be performed in your home. It is impossible to give an accurate moving quote without seeing your belongings first. At The Right Move, we are confident that our prices are fair and you will choose us, which is why we offer free moving estimates at your home. During the visit, you will be given an estimate for the move and a separate estimate for packing/unpacking services. We can even give multiple packing/unpacking estimates, such as for full, partial, or specialty packing services.

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