Packing List

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Packing List

To help your move go smoothly, we’ve compiled a packing timeline and checklist. If you are ready to get moving, contact us to schedule a free moving estimate. A friendly agent is standing by. (713) 338-2058

As Soon As You Find Out You Are Moving
o Organize: Start putting items in their proper place. This will help you pack by room better.
o Purge: Get rid of items you don’t want. Put these items into boxes labeled “Trash” “Donation” and “Sale.” If you aren’t sure whether to keep or get rid of an item, put it into a “maybe” pile.
o Make a Plan for Unwanted Items: By planning what to do with your unwanted items, you can save money and time. For donations, call charities and ask if donations to them are tax exempt, and also if they can pick up items or whether you must bring them. If you plan on selling unwanted items, then decide how you will do this – such as garage sales, eBay, Craiglist, or specialty websites.

2 Months before Moving
o Hold a Garage Sale, List Items Online: Selling unwanted items can take some time, so start the process well before moving day. Remember that you should clean all items before putting them up for sale.
o Start Getting Packing Supplies: If you will be using free boxes from stores, start acquiring these now. It will probably take many trips to get enough free boxes. A typical family home move takes around 90 or more boxes.

6 Weeks Before Moving
o Create an Inventory: Make a spreadsheet with a section for each room in your home. Write down the items in each room. All valuable items should be noted, photographed, and have serial numbers written down.
o Note Specialty Items: While creating an inventory, note any items which will be difficult to move or will require special care during the move. Examples include chandeliers, antiques, and large furniture. If necessary, arrange for custom crating services now.

1 Month Before Moving
o Pack Up Rarely Used Items: Examples include holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and attic items.
o Make a List of Items You Will Move Yourself: Valuables like jewelry should be moved yourself and not in the moving truck. Also move important documents like passports and birth certificates yourself.
o Borrowed Items: Return items like library books and items you borrowed from neighbors. Also get back any items you lent out.
o Start Using Up Food: Stop making big grocery shopping trips and focus on using up food you already have in your cupboards.

2-4 Weeks Before Moving
o Box Up Duplicate and Infrequently-Used Items: Examples include extra linens and towels, books, and knick-knacks
o Create an Essentials Box: Create a box with items that you will need write up until moving day. This box gets loaded onto the moving truck last and is unloaded first.
o Box Items You Will Move Yourself: Label these clearly as DO NOT MOVE
o Get Rid of Items You Cannot Move: This includes dangerous items like flammables

1-2 Weeks Before Moving
o Start Packing Essentials: Pack by room, trying to keep all like items together. Remember to label each box with its room (a color-coding system works well for this) and its contents, as well as whether it is fragile.
o Pack Suitcases: Include enough clothes and toiletries for 3 days.
o Refill Prescriptions: Pack these in with your suitcases.
o Empty Gasoline and Oil: Machines like lawn mowers must have the gas and oil emptied from them before they can be moved.

1-3 Days Before Moving
o Empty Fridge and Defrost Freezer: Empty out all food and defrost your freezer.
o Make Sure Needed Tools Are Packed in the Essentials Box: You will need tools like screwdrivers and pliers for disassembling/reassembling furniture and making any minor repairs
o Pack Food and Snacks: You will need items like bottled water, snacks, and simple meals for moving day and the first day or two in your new place.
o Disassemble Furniture: Your moving company can also do this for you on moving day.
o Pack Bedding: This can be done before moving day if you will sleep in sleeping bags on the floor or a hotel, or quickly on the morning of moving day.

Items Which Can’t Be Packed on the Moving Truck
When packing for your move, remember that some items cannot be packed on the moving truck because they are considered dangerous or perishable. These items should be disposed of before moving day, or they should be packed separately and moved yourself. Some of these items include:
o Paint and paint thinner
o Aerosol cans
o Gasoline
o Fireworks
o Matches
o Firearms
o Perishable food
o Plants (which some exceptions)
o Valuables (jewelry, money, etc.)
o Personal documents

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