How to pack loose photographs for a move?

Photographs hold sentimental value and are often irreplaceable. The last thing you want is to have your photos damaged during your move. Follow these steps to make sure your loose photos stay safe during the move!

Beware of loose photos sticking together
It may be perfectly okay to keep a box of loose photos in your home. However, the conditions on moving trucks can be very different than in your home. Moving trucks are made of metal and get VERY hot and humid inside. Your photos, which have a glossy surface, could end up “melting” and sticking together.

To keep your loose photos safe, it is best to put them in albums with acid-free paper between each photo (acids can deteriorate the photos). If you don’t have albums, then you can try this method: put your photos in between the pages of books.

Never put loose photos in plastic bags (they will stick!) or put them between newspaper print (the ink can rub off onto the photos).

Back up photos
This can take a lot of time, but is worth doing to ensure your photos last forever. Using a digital scanner, make a digital copy of all your valuable photos. Store the copies on a Flash, external hard drive, or online service like Flickr or Dropbox. Remember that you should always move computer backups on your own, and not in the moving truck!

Move the photos yourself
If you didn’t have time to put all your photos into albums or between the pages of books, or to back them up, then you should really transport them yourself. Remember that conditions can get hot in your own car too. If you are doing a long-distance move, park the car out of heat so it doesn’t get too hot and melt the photos.