How to pack and move a motorcycle?

If you are moving to a new home and will be taking your motorcycle on the moving truck there is more to transporting it than just wheeling the motorcycle onto the truck. To make sure your motorcycle stays safe during the move, you’ve got to follow these steps.

Drain oil and gas
Moving companies will not take certain dangerous items on board and this includes gas and oil. You must completely drain the gas and oil before putting your motorcycle on the moving truck. Failure to do so could void any insurance you have.

Ask if the moving truck has decks
Some moving trucks have decking, which is a lot like shelves which slide horizontally into the moving truck. These are great things to have because you can install a deck above the motorcycle. Not only will it help protect

Remove extruding parts
The most vulnerable parts on your motorcycle are the mirrors and any other extruding parts. If these get banged they could break off. Remove them and pack them separately.

Loading the motorcycle onto the moving truck
Your motorcycle is one of the first things that you should load onto the moving truck. Ideally you will position it against a wall of the moving truck and secure it in place with straps or tie downs. Your motorcycle should be perfectly upright so don’t use the kickstand. You might also want to build a chock around the front wheels to reduce the chance of any slipping occurring.

Wrapping your motorcycle
Many moving companies offer free furniture blankets and wrapping. You can use these for your motorcycle too to prevent any scratching.

Packing the other items
Always make sure to pack the rest of the moving truck in a way which protects the motorcycle such as by putting soft furniture around it. Don’t stack boxes around the motorcycle which could fall on it.