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Commercial moving takes a lot more planning and coordination than your typical residential move. It is necessary to have a moving coordinator and team of movers who can keep inventory organized during the relocation and take care of the unique challenges of a commercial move, such as packing electronics and installing office furniture. At The Right Move of Houston, we are capable and skilled in meeting all commercial moving needs, regardless of what industry you are in.

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Our Difference
• Dedicated Commercial Moving Coordinators: You will be paired with a dedicated commercial moving coordinator who will work with your relocation team to come up with a plan for your move. We help you understand which services you need and can assist in as little or much of the move as you’d like.
• Detailed Moving Estimates: Our commercial moving estimates are easy to understand so you can budget for services accordingly. Each moving service is carefully outlined, and hourly services come with a not-to-exceed limit.
• The Right Equipment for the Job: Moving commercial business assets can be challenging because of issues like disconnection, weight, and bulk. Our movers are ready to handle any move with equipment like hydraulic lifts, cranes, and 4-wheel dollies.
• Making Efficiency a Priority: One of the biggest concerns with commercial moves is getting the move completed quickly and in a way which minimizes downtime both before and after the actual relocation. Our moving coordinators can help reduce downtime with services like late-Friday moves, office setup, furniture installation, and inventory management.
• A Partner for the Move: We don’t just deliver customer service. We are a partner with you throughout the entire moving process. When you are satisfied, we know that our business will continue to grow through word o mouth about our excellent commercial moving services.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Moving Services
You may have moved house before, but if you have never relocated your business, then it can be incredibly confusing and stressful. The first thing to do is schedule several estimates with reliable movers who have experience with commercial moves. Make sure you create a list of questions to ask the movers first, and also a general inventory of items in your business. Point out any areas of especial concern, like moving filing cabinets in an orderly way, or large machinery.

The moving estimator will give you a breakdown of all services which apply to your commercial business, and the costs associated with each. The moving estimator will also explain the timeline for the move. If you choose The Right Move for commercial moving services, you will then be assigned a moving coordinator who will work with you to figure out the logistical details of the move. Our goal is to get the move completed with as little disruption to your business as possible.

One of the most important parts of a successful commercial move is packing in an organized manner. Work areas should be identified and color coded. Each area should be packed separately so keep items in that area together. Assign each area a letter code, such as “A”, “B”, “C” and each box packed in this area with a number. Software can help you keep track of detailed inventory of what is in each box.

Some businesses prefer to take care of packing themselves, having their employees or third-party services pack up items. At The Right Move, we can handle as much or little of the packing as you like. When you use our commercial packing services, all items will be carefully inventoried using digital technology and assets can be insured for their full value.

Special Services for Commercial Moves
The commercial movers at The Right Move can do much more than just load your assets and unload them in the new location. We can help with all aspects of the move, from planning to setting up your business for production again.

• Moving Planning Services: Our commercial moving coordinators can help you plan the details of your move from inventory to space planning.
• Inventory: Items in a commercial move should be carefully inventoried for insurance purposes. With our inventory management system, we can also help you keep track of where every item moved is located, so you can easily find boxes at the new location.
• Packing and Unpacking: Let us pack as much or little of your belongings as you wish. Our packers are familiar with the needs of commercial businesses, such as packing files, electronics, and servers.
• Furniture Installation: With the right tools and expertise, taking apart office furniture such as modular units can be fast. Our movers keep items organized so furniture can be quickly reassembled to specifications at the new location.
• Third-Party Services: In event that our movers are unable to help with a certain challenge of your move, we are connected with many third-party service providers throughout Houston. These reliable providers can take care of even the most demanding moving challenges.

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