5 reasons why moving to a new city will be the best thing you ever did?

Let’s face it: most people don’t like moving. In fact most people hate the idea of moving to a new city where they will know no one leaving their friends behind and having to figure out a new layout to the land when they are perfectly comfortable in their current digs. But the average American will move 12 times in his or her life and these moving experiences often shape us for the better. Whether this is your first move or your 15th here are 5 reasons you will be happy you moved to a new city.

You will get out of your comfort zone
After living in one place for a long time you start to get comfortable with the way things are even if those things aren’t exactly the best things for your life. By making the decision to move to a new city, you through yourself out of your comfort zone and may find yourself adopting new habits and trying new things you had never thought about before.

You become more open minded
When you are thrown out of your comfort zone you discover new things and are faced with challenged that you must adapt to. The entire experience helps you become more open minded as a person.

You will meet new friends
It is hard to leave old friends behind but moving gives us an opportunity to meet many new friends. Our friends shape and influence our lives. By allowing yourself to build a new group of friends you may find yourself growing as a person.

You learn to look at the bigger picture
If you are moving for work then the move will put your career in focus. If you are moving for love then the move will put the relationship in focus. Even if you are moving just to start over the move still requires you to step back and look at the bigger picture of your life. You also must look at the new city as a whole with all that it has to offer and pros and cons and not just your small part in it all.

You can start fresh
No one knows you in the new city. They don’t know about your wild teenage years and hold this against you or about how you humiliated yourself during that business meeting or about all your problems with your ex spouse. Embrace this blank canvas to paint the picture of yourself and life as you’d like it to be.